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GPS trackers with multi-channel data transmission

The most advanced and multifunctional of our GPS loggers for worldwide, all-yearround and fine resolution animal tracking. Except GPS trackers, they can collect precise activity reports, raw acceleration data recorded in bursts, diving depth profiles, barometric pressure, temperature, immersion duration and more. Data collection is divided into separate GPS-SMS and GPS-GPRS/UHF data banks, which are individually programmable and with different data transmission methods for each of them.

Available data transmission methods:

• GPS-SMS : Present in all trackers with GSM modem. Transmits only data collected in the GPS-SMS bank. Enables data transfer and settings change in places where even very weak 2G or 3G GSM signal is present.
Data collected in GPS-SMS data bank: GPS position, activity, temperature, battery voltage, GSM signal strength, logger operating parameters & activity report “report 48” send in one SMS daily. Optionally: GPS altitude, speed, barometric pressure & light intensity. Due to a high energy use for transmission and GSM charges, collection of 4-12 GPS positions/day is recommended, however if necessary - up to 1440 GPS positions/day are possible.

• GPS-GPRS : Present in all trackers with GSM modem. Transmits only data collected in GPS-GPRS/UHF bank. The GPS-GPRS/UHF part uses less energy for data transmission and allows to collect many more fixes than with the GPS-SMS. This communication method allows transmission of almost unlimited data quantities, including acceleration and TDR data.
Data collected in GPS-GPRS/UHF data bank: GPS position, speed, GPS altitude, GPS precision parameters, GPS heading, battery voltage, logger operating parameters, barometric pressure or hydrostatic pressure, temperature and immersion duration, acceleration, 3-axis data recorded in a programmable bursts (1-30 Hz) and detailed activity report “report 480”.

• GPS-UHF : optional UHF long range link (LRD) to all GPS-GSM trackers or as a default in only GPS-UHF models. The same data from GPS-GPRS/UHF bank can be transmitted via optional UHF long range link to the to field installed base station. This transmission consumes low power, at the same time avoiding charges for data. Recommended for places where SMS and GPRS transmission is not possible. Transmission range in the line of sight: ground-to-ground ~800m, ground-to-air or air-to-ground >6km;

Available data transmission combinations:

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