Data management

ECOTONE servers for GSM-GPS

ECOTONE servers for GSM-GPS
Data collected by GPS-GSM loggers are collected and processed on Ecotone servers. Each client has its own unique password for the user panel and its data stored there. Ecotone does not process this data, it only ensures full server efficiency and, thanks to its own IT base, reacts to all reported comments and problems. We try to make our help available 24/7.
All comments sent by users are welcome - they help improve the panel and undoubtedly affect the development of its functions.

Data processing

In addition to the basic care of servers, we can also offer services related to the processing of collected data. In our team we have people with experience with GIS systems and telemetry data processing also in terms of statistics. We will help in analyzing data for both reports and publications.
We invite you to contact our office!